​​Coeur du Vigne is my quilt that celebrates the passion and art of winemaking. The design was born after a trip to Becker Vineyard in the Texas Hill Country. The leaf designs were inspired by the varietals of vines at Becker. The roses reflect those seen at the end of every row of vines. The applique is entirely hand done in needle turn technique. I fussy-cut each petal, grape and leaf to capture the essence of the muted colors in the vineyard. This quilt is honored with 6 Best of Show awards one Viewers Choice Award, and Masterpiece Quilt Award.


 I am dedicated to mastering the art of quilting! Hand Applique is what I am known for, but I love all the traditions in quiltmaking! My work features the colors of nature and treasured time spent in the garden. I learned at an early age to sew and embroider under the guidance of my mother and grandmother who cherish the needle arts.  I work many hand dyed fabrics into my applique, and love the effect of trapunto and embroidery in my designs. I am always learning new ways to capture life into my applique and improve my quilting skills.